VERRETUBEX supply the first vials intended for serological tests in FRANCE

VERRETUBEX has started production of the first large series of 4 ml (BIO-MERIEUX) and 3 ml (BIO-RAD) vials intended to contain the components used in the tests for COVID-19.

The devices are assembled by our customers BIO-MERIEUX (MARCY L’ETOILE site – 69) and BIO-RAD (STENNVOORDE site – 59) from tubular glass vials manufactured at VERRETUBEX.

These vials are screw necks (intended to receive a screw cap) and it is planned to manufacture them in large volumes from June 2020 to meet tests requests in France and Europe.


VERRETUBEX is the only French company in the sector wholly owned by French shareholders.

May 2020-