VERRETUBEX INDUSTRIE specialises solely in drawn-glass packagings. The drawn-glass technique ensures that the glass of the entire packaging is of uniform thickness.
And unlike moulded glass, for example, drawn glass also keeps the finished product perfectly transparent and free of dimensional variations.

Glass is a neutral material and the only product guaranteed to remain 100% neutral.
It does not result in leaching, unlike certain composites that nearly match the properties of glass but cannot guarantee complete impermeability.
This is the main reason for glass’ success in the pharmaceutical industry, where quality is critical, while its neutral contact with scents also makes it a popular packaging material for perfumes.

Glass is a 100% natural product. It is made of sand, lime and sodium hydrogen carbonate. One of its qualities is that it can withstand extremely low and high temperatures without expanding or breaking.


In line with our transparency policy, we issue an acknowledgement of receipt of your specifications together with an information file about our proposed products. We can also include the certificates of approval of our glass cane suppliers, if you so wish.

Our products are guaranteed 100% traceable.