VERRETUBEX was founded in the town of Choisy-le-Roi, southeast Paris, in 1967, and has always been driven by the spirit of ingenuity. The company’s founder, Miroslav Hosnedl, and his teams designed and developed its first production machinery, and Verretubex quickly gained a leading reputation for the quality of its technical solutions.

1970 – Verretubex builds on its success by opening a new manufacturing plant in Nogent-le-Roi, 44 miles west of Paris.
1990 – The company becomes parts of GERREISCHEIMER GLASS, a German group listed on the Frankfurt stock exchange that specializes in the manufacture of glass products for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.
– Gerreischeimer Glass fully divests Verretubex to one of its managers.

2014 – H-FINANCE, based in Le Vésinet, west of Paris, takes over Verretubex’s entire assets and its stock-in-trade in October 2014, re-launching the company as VERRETUBEX INDUSTRIE, appointing François-Xavier Huille as chairman, and strengthening the management team.


In late 2014, VERRETUBEX INDUSTRIE established a new customer-commitment policy to coincide with its takeover by François-Xavier Huille. This new policy makes each team responsible for fulfilling the Verretubex 100% On-Time In-Full commitment to our customers in our VX 100 contract.